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Here are the Top 12 things our robust, supportive program offers the girls of Children's Heaven


44% of Ethiopian children, under the age of 5, suffer from chronic malnourishment - also known as “stunting.” More than 2.7 Million Ethiopians are affected by Famine. Help us feed those who are suffering. (SOURCE:

Clothing & Uniforms

Each girl receives 1-7 uniforms for the year, dependent upon donations.


The area in Ethiopia can be dangerous, and having a gated area the kids can play in adds to their feelings of security and safety.


We offer HIV/AIDS medication & education, basic First Aid and more.


Many Ethiopian girls go without shoes to protect their feet against the harsh landscape. Your donations provide for their well-being.

Hygiene Products

Children's Heaven offers hygiene products and clean showers - something many of the girls would otherwise go without.

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Schooling & School Supplies

This covers primary schooling fees, schooling from Children's Heaven staff, educational supplies like books and pencils, and even money for college tuition.


Our girls receive expert tutoring and financial assistance for 3rd-party tutoring programs.


It can be very dangerous to travel alone, at night, for a young girl in Ethiopia. We cover the cost of their safe transit to-and-from Children's Heaven.

Emotional Support

With so many traumatic incidents in Ethiopia, it is essential to offer Psycho-Social support to these destitute children.

Activities & Exercise Programs

We offer extracurricular education and activities for all the girls, so they can learn and grow in a fun environment.


The environment at Children's Heaven is that of one filled with Love, acceptance and appreciation. Hugs are free, and we love to give them!