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Vision: Children’s Heaven seeks to see the quality of life of defenseless children and youth improved.

Mission: Children’s Heaven’s mission is to empower orphans to become self-reliant and self-sufficient, living healthy and productive lives, thereby elevating the well being of Ethiopia’s next generation.

Children’s Heaven is a local humanitarian and Non-Government Organization (NGO) established in 2004 to support the development and well-being of single- and double-orphaned children as a result of HIV/AIDS through a community-based care program. Children’s Heaven is a comprehensive day program providing loving support for orphans who have been profoundly affected by Africa’s HIV/AIDS epidemic. Children’s Heaven ensures that children who have lost one or both parents to AIDS maintain food, clothing and shelter, stay in school, and learn skills necessary for healthy adulthood. Most importantly, Children’s Heaven provides orphans with safety, unconditional love and community. Children’s Heaven’s mission is to empower orphans to become self-reliant and self-sufficient, living healthy and productive lives, thereby elevating the wellbeing of Ethiopia’s next generation.

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Our Work

Children’s Heaven provides services to girls living in the Kolfe Kiranio Sub-City of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city.  This district of Addis contains… (something about the number of people living beneath poverty line).
Many of the girls’ homes consist of one room, approximately 6 foot x 8 foot with no bathroom or cooking facilities.  Many have huge holes in the roof or walls that don’t protect well in the rainy season.  The rents on these tiny places are increasing steadily, creating unsteady domestic situations and high possibilities of homelessness.
Many of the girls have one living parent who is sick with AIDS, so the child is caring for the parent (usually their dying mother) while trying to stay safe and in school.
Water is a huge issue in Ethiopia.  Water is made available on an irregular schedule rotating from town to town.  That means when water is not available in your town, you must walk to the nearest town and bring back big jugs for the family.
In 45% of the households girls are the primary water collectors. The fact that young girls are the primary water collectors has implications on their ability to pursue education and on their career development. Women and young girls in the poorest households are more affected by water collection while richer households have the possibility of engaging servants to undertake this activity.

Our Goals

Orphans are more vulnerable due to poor nutrition and food shortage and suffer from malnutrition. Children’s Heaven as one of its major concerns started feeding nutritious meal in July, 2010 with the objective to improve the nutritional and health status of malnourished orphan children by providing nutritious meals ones a day. To date, Children’s Heaven has noticed vast improvements in the health of its girls as well as overall improvements in their attitude towards life, attendance at school, and general alertness and awareness due to its once a day nutritious meal and monthly food ration distribution program.

Teaching the next generation is essential to tomorrow’s strong, vibrant societies. For many of our girls at Children’s Heaven, poverty compounded by the loss of one or both parents to HIV/AIDS is an obstacle in receiving their education. At Children’s Heaven, we have actively supported and encouraged orphans in our program continue their education and fulfill their dreams by giving them the necessary supplies for school.

In addition, we provide them school uniforms, backpacks, shoes and pay for their school tuition as well as provide tutoring program after school. The center also houses a small library for additional reference materials to support their education.

Since its inception, food security and nutrition were among the services that Children’s Heaven haven been providing for the orphans in its programs. However, while providing nutritious meal is a core component of child survival, due to orphans becoming increasingly more vulnerable to malnutrition and poverty; there is a need to go beyond giving access to food security in order to facilitate the health challenges and constraints of orphan and vulnerable children.

Children’s Heaven has implemented essential health caring package through better hygiene practices, Health & Sanitation training as well as giving access to showering, water purification, iodized Salt and de-worming in order to reduce the risk of contracting diseases by ultimately reaching a better health status as well as increase the wellbeing and confidence of orphans by combating low self esteem and bulling.

Psychosocial support for OVC affected by HIV/AIDS

Children who are living with HIV face psychological and emotional Challenges. Children’s Heaven focuses on helping children process trauma through structured activities of play therapy and counseling so as to help their emotions and learn healthy coping skills.

At Children’s Heaven, our goal, whenever possible, is to keep our girls in their extended family situations through our sponsorship and community based care program. Each month, we provide rations of various living essentials such as food, clothing, medical help and school necessities, so that destitute Children Heaven’s families can have the means to keep their children at home. In cases where girls are discovered to be in living situations which are deemed to be unsafe or hostile, Children’s Heaven has taken immediate action to shelter these girls under its protective wing by renting a house.

As the girls of Children Heaven age, through mentoring, we determine if they have the opportunity to continue on to college or additional vocational training. Upon completion of their education, we assure that each girl has the tools she needs to lead a self-sufficient and successful life.

Also, the program supports AIDS Widows living with HIV/AIDS. This project aims to offset the economic impact of low income HIV/AIDS affected families through income generating activities such as dairy farming, poultry raising, vegetable gardening, candle making, sawing, basket making, pottery making and embroidering.


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The goal of the charity is to ensure that we always have the funds readily available to help children get a proper education

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  • I have volunteered at Charity three times.  Every time I visit, both my love and passion to help grow stronger.  When I am there I feel like I am at home.  God called me there and it is where I am the most happy.  Even when I am not there.

    John Duis
  • We have been working with Charity for over ten years now and our relationship has moved from that of charity client event organisers to friends. Charity is a great team committed to providing innovative, fun and challenging events.

    Kate Doe
  • Charity have helped Kith & Kids raise thousands of pounds through many high quality overseas challenges that have been organised on our behalf. They are passionate about what they do, go the extra mile to make our events a success.

    Chris Moern

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